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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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>> the snow system started off a little late. but areas to the north are seeing some flakes right now. this is video from chantilly, virginia where you can see some thick flakes really coming down. wintry weather could create some slippery conditions throughout region for the rest of today. >> jacqui has been tracking the system all morning long and joins us now with how much we will get.
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>> we're getting the worst it was right now. we told you this storm would peak midday today and that's what we're seeing. it might have started a little bit late but that main window between 11:00 and 4:00 is what we've been focusing in on. we'll show you who is getting the snow as we speak and i zoomed in here across the d.c. area. it's coming down in some of those heavier be spots around be bethesda towards fairfax, reston and ashburn. it's start to go enter into places like largo, upper marb marlboro and into bowie. some have a good coating on the roadway here to damascus and we're getting reports now in sterling that you have 1/2 inch of snow on the ground. here's a look at a time lapse from oakdale high school and it shows the snow showers moving in. look at how quickly it started accumulating on the grassy areas while the parking lot is still
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looking wet. that's one of the main reports i've been hearing over and over is that it's thick on the grass but most of the streets are doing fine. we'll have to watch those side streets, though, especially north and west of town. here's a live picture for you from montgomery college inrockville. big, fat flakes. i can see them coating the cars but again, that looks like wet pavement in that region. so here's what we're expecting for the rest of the afternoon. snow will continue with some rain mixing in at times. mainly south of d.c. this will last until about 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon and we'll be exiting the region. i think this will impact our evening commute with mainly wet roads but we will see slick spots where snow accumulations will be reaching one to three inches. by late this evening, the clouds will hold on but the moisture pulls out. by the time we wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures will be back below freezing. widespread across the region. so a refreeze is a good possibility and i want to show
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you the snow band map because everybody wants to know since it's just getting started, how much are we going to get? we haven't changed that. so look we're still thinking a trace to an inch around the metro area with one to two inches from frederick to martinsburg. hagerstown to aberdeen has a better chance of getting those two to three inch numbers. not a very strong event overall. nice morning commute. evening one will be the one to watch. we have a bigger storm that could potentially hit us this weekend. i'll have more details on that from the furniture weather center coming up in 15 minutes from now. back to you. >> thank you. happening right now, crews are working to repair a water main break in falls church. the 12 inch main gushed water on route 7 this morning and part of the roads is still closed at this hour. brianne carter is live with how many people are impacted and when it is finally expected to be fixed. brie? >> autria a lot of changes since we first told you about this right here on "good morning
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washington." these crews have been very busy. walk you through what's happening in the last hour. take a live look here and you can see a section of that old pipe within the last 10 minutes, they pulled that section of the old pipe out of the ground. take a look in front of that. that's the new pipe that they are quickly going to work to get installed. as you can see that major hole that is in the ground here along route 7 this morning, they are work ing working diligently to try to get that section of the pipe repaired. take a live look on the opposite side of the roadway. you can see what's happening here. they are paving the roads. that side of the road buckled after this water main happened this morning, the goal, according to fairfax water officials is to get those two lanes of traffic open as soon as possible. now, fairfax water officials tell us this all happened very early this morning. again, they tell us it is a 12-inch main that ruptured. no age on that pipe just yet. eight customers impacted by this. and the good news is that it's
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just on one side of the road. and two of those customers are businesses, we understand, so that's the good news. it's about six residences without water for the time being. now, we do understand that at one point, this road was flooded with water. quickly receded. they used the pumps to get the water up out of the ground. meanwhile, though this section of route 7 remains closed. it's been that way since the morning rush hour and ispected to last throughout the day. from route 29 to cherry street this section is closed. now, what we are following right now is this process that's happening on the opposite side of the road. continue to follow those developments and when they could possibly get two lanes of traffic back open. reporting live brianne carter abc 7 news. >> all right brianne, thank you. and new this noon christopher barry, the son of the late marion barry is in police custody. barry turned himself in to face charges for threatening a bank
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teller in china town as well as destroying a surveillance camera. this morning on facebook, barry wrote "i apologize to my ward eight community and my supporters for the incident that took place last week. i know that i have a great responsibility as a leader in ward eight. i am committed to rise up and carry the torch in my father's legacy." barry is expected to have an arraignment hearing later on this afternoon. >> the investigation continuesis noon into that massive mansion fire in annapolis. six people who are believed to be inside the home when the fire started are still unaccounted for. as jeanette reyes reports, crews are just starting to sort through the rubble. >> it's hard to imagine a 16,000 square foot mansion reduced to this. more disturbing is the likely possibility that the remains of six family members are among the ruins. >> it leaves a big hole. not just in the scenery but knowing that somebody belongs up the street.
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>> tech executive don pyle his wife and their six grandchildren are feared dead after a massive fire broke out at the waterfront mansion monday morning. dozens of anne arundel county firefighters and a.t.f. special agents have assembled heavy equipment including a massive crane to begin digging. it's a difficult balance between being efficient but careful. >> it's meticulous. that's why it takes such a long period of time. >> investigators have looked to relatives for guidance on where to begin excavating. >> we have some ideas from the family about where people in the house may have been located at that time of the day. that will be one of the focuses of the searches. >> i ask if the rain showers would affect the search for the day. absolutely not. this is considered an emergency operation and investigators will move forward regardless of what the weather brings. reporting annapolis, jeanette reyes, abc 7 news. >> a two alarm house fire in arlington sent two people to the hospital this morning. the fire started just before . on
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the 4500 block of 40th street. firefighters say a smoke alarm alerted the residents to the fire but they couldn't get out through the front door and had to be rescued from the roof of the home. those residents were taken to the hospital and they are expected to be ok. still no word of what caused the fire. >> a smoke scare at the union station at metro station this morning. had passengers oge. riders reported smoking conditions around 8:30 this morning. metro says the smoke was caused by a train that had some brake problems when it left the station. the passengers were left off and the train was taken out of service. a similar problem was reported at the rosalynn station yesterday. and tonight, we are expected to learn more about the investigation into last week's metro smoke incident. the ntsb will be meeting with the representatives of congress that represent the metro area to discuss the investigation. after, the delegation and the ntsb will brief us in separate news conferences. one woman was killed and dozens
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of others injured when a train filled with smoke near l'enfant plaza. >> right now, larry hogan is being sworn in as maryland's next governor. the ceremony is still under way at the maryland statehouse in annapolis. >> hogan is only the second republican to hold this title in more than 40 years. and our john gonzalez is live there this noon with details on this historic event. john? >> jummy, good afternoon. outside of the statehouse just moments ago we heard from the voices of dematha, larry hogan's alma mater inside the chamber moments ago, larry hogan became maryland's 62nd governor and in just minute he's going to come out here and speak to the crowd. you can take a look at that climate controlled tent. that's where the new governor of maryland will be standing there on the steps of the state capitol. all of the 1,000 seats here have been taken here in annapolis.
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the day started for the 58-year-old and his wife jummy with a prayer service at st. mary's catholic church and then a preinaugural service inside the statehouse. and we can tell you that hogan, a real estate agent from anne arundel county was the cabinet secretary for robert erlich and now as governor himself, he has promised fiscal responsibility and lower taxes. he said waking up this morning for the first time seeing the capitol dome outside of his window was truly amazing. he says he's ready to lead maryland but he can't do it alone. >> we need all the help that we can get and we'll work as closely as we can with everybody. it's going to be a team effort and we need the prayers and we need the support. >> you know i slept pretty well last night. it's funny. hadn't slept in a long time. last night, actually got a nice sleep. slept in the house for the first time last night. >> his father 86-year-old former congressman larry hogan
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sr. who lost in a run for governor back in 1974 is also here in attendance. new jersey governor chris christie will introduce hogan out here in just minutes. and, of course tonight, the inaugural ball will take place at the baltimore convention center and the weather, while it's very cold but the snow hasn't made an appearance yet here in annapolis. reporting live john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> hasn't made an appearance yet, john. thank you so much for the update. coming up here on abc 7 news at noon, the most talked about moment from last night's state of the union address and what president obama is doing today to support his proposals. >> plus investigators reveal new findings on the final moments of airasia flight 8501. >> and the major development into what's being called deflate gate. what investigators found when they examined the new england patriots football and what it means for the upcoming super bowl. >> keep the shovels and the salt out. jacqui tracking another storm. we'll tell
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>> all right. well, we saw some of the live shots from around the area. really coming down in certain parts. >> it is. and there are a couple of those heavier bands which have set up so visibility has come down. and everybody all morning long were like where's the snow? and, you know, got pushed back a little bit but here it is. and we're definitely in the thick of things. so look at that live shot of i-270 in maryland and the streets, the interstate looks just wet. >> hopefully, that will be the case through the rest of the day as temperatures are still kind of marginal but as we get in some of these heavier bands even with warmer ground temperatures, that could start
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to collect a little bit especially on secondary streets. so that's going to be my main concern going forward now after the rest of the afternoon. so this is the live doppler 7. we have the only radar in that has live doppler radar. you take a look here across the region. that's where i'm seeing this heavier banding across montgomery county. just outside of the beltway here and along interstate 66 just shy of the blue ridge. zoom into one location and show you what we're seeing downtown. this has really filled in and pushing into montgomery county. we're watching things in annapolis as well and notice some of that snow just beginning to move in. you'll start to see some flurries and then increasing in intensity overall. so here you can see as we evolve with the system from the morning hours, things were quiet and we had nothing other than a couple of flurries out west. this all kind of dried up. so it took a while for the atmosphere to moisten up and we started to fill in here across the southwest and now we have widespread precipitation but do
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notice already, this is the backside of the system. so we're just looking at a couple of hours where we will be dealing with some of these moderate to heavier snow bands and by the evening rush, a lot of this will start to move out. so an inch of snow has been recorded already in frostburg, maryland. 1/2 inch on the ground at the national weather service in sterling, virginia. this is a picture for you from one of the meteorologists who forecast out there. great meteorologist, by the way, thanks greg. this is a live picture, i'm hearing reports of a good coating on the ground in that area as well. and jim wilkenshaw. this is a big one. take a look at this picture. notice the streets starting to get a little covered. especially on the edges. so there are going to be slick spots this afternoon. we're at 37 degrees downtown. right at the freezing mark at dulles. gaithersburg at 30 degrees. bridges and overpasses are always going to be icy first. our winter weather advisory will stay in effect across the region until 6:00 this evening. that's when most of the moisture
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will be edging out of here and i think areas to the west wil that first already and that will spread off towards the east and we're keeping an eye on you in southern maryland for a slight potential of a little burst on the late end of all this. as you look across the region as a whole our main system is still way up here. this low will be feeding and pushing this energy off the shore to help pull this out of here this evening. and watch for improving conditions but as we move forward now, one of our biggest concerns is once we get rid of this snow, we are expecting the cloud cover to stick around. but any kind of clearing we get tonight will help those temperatures drop on down which means we're going to be dealing with a refreeze. so even the snow is going to pull out of here for tonight, we do expect that there are going to be some slick spots for tomorrow morning. so here's a look at our talley map. this didn't change since last night. that's good news. our confidence continues to be high. trace to an inch across most of thmetro. one to two inches to the north in frederick. up towards gaithersburg and two to three a little closer to the maryland-pennsylvania state
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line. when we're all said and done with this. rain and snow will continue. most of that mixing say, south of d.c. temperatures are going to be pretty steady through the rest of the afternoon into the 30's. tonight, then, we'll see mostly cloudy skies. a little patchy fog could develop but the refreeze, temperatures are going to be in the 20's to lower 30's. now, tomorrow once we get through a few icy spots early, i'm expecting partly sunny skies with temperatures in the 40's and the big thing i want to point out as we head, oops back to our weather bug network. as we head into the weekend is we've got some big changes ahead. a coastal storm, i think it's going to be developing late on on friday and into saturday. this is a good looking shot at the storm for this evening. it depends where that rain/snow line is. it's something we're watching closely. chief meteorologist doug hill and eileen is here. we're getting our heads together to wrap them around this storm because it could be quite one to keep you indoors, we'll say on
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saturday. >> saturday. >> hopefully nobody has to go to work except for me. i'll be here. >> all right. thanks jacqui. >> all righty. fresh off his state of the union address, president obama heading to idaho. and he's expected to speak about the really ambitious agenda he laid out in last night's speech. abc's susan solney takes a closer look at some of the president's proposals and the criticism they're facing. >> after pitching an ambitious set of proposals in his state of the union address, president obama hit the road this morning taking his message from washington to the heartland. in the speech the president took credit for a host of achievements claiming a vindication of democratic policies. >> the shadow of crisis has passed. since 2010 america has put more people back to work than europe japan and all advance economies combined. >> president's priorities include paid sick leave, free community college education and childcare help for the middle
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class. all paid for by tax increases on the wealthiest americans. he also called for a resolution from congress to authorize the use of force against isis. >> perhaps, the president's feistiest moment of the night was an unscripted -- >> all right. that's susan solney reporting. coming up on abc 7 news at noon deflate gate. the new developments in the in the new england patriots footbal
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>> indonesia's top accident investigator says there's no signs of foul play in last month's plane. officials are analyzing data from the plane's black boxes. a preliminary report is expected
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next week. the plane was climbing abnormally fast before plunging and suddenly disappearing from radar with 162 people on board. survey ships have located at least nine big objects from the plane in the java sea. the new england patriots could face new questions this afternoon in the so-called deflate gate incident. this as espn reports nfl sources say 11 out of 12 of the footballs in sunday's win against the colts were underinflated. they reportedly came in at two pounds less per square inch. not everyone thinks it had pose much of a problem. >> this is one of those dumb things that really doesn't matter, it will mean more to the legacy of what the patriots are trying to do than in the actual infraction. >> the colts grew suspicious after dequel jackson intercepted tom brady. jackson gave the ball to team leaders that notified the nfl of direct operations. >> the washington nationals make it official today.
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they w brand new pitcher max scherzer later on this afternoon. the nats signed the 2013 cy young award winner to a seven year $210 million deal. you can hear from scherzer with our own tim brandt during his sportscast tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. here's something to make him happy. grammy award winning producer fa rebel williams is the creative director of this year's live earth concert. 100 artists in a string of concerts spanning across the world will come together june 18th all to raise awareness about global warming. pharrell shared a few details about the concert at the world economic forum today in switzerland. this year's event will be telecast globally and expected to reach two billion viewers. >> sure to make him happy, right? >> coming up we'll have another update on this winter weather. >> jacqui is here with our numbers next.
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>> all right. >> still coming down. >> it is and visibility is really getting bad right now in parts of prince william county and fairfax county. watch out on 66 you know, this is going to be an issue through the rest of the day today. we'll get our good slushy inch here in d.c. with a little bit more on up to the north and evening commute will probably be a little dicey. chief meteorologist doug hill will be
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to make some people very, very happy today on millionaire. [cheers and applause] as a self-defense teacher, our returning contestant knows how to handle stressful situations, and he's brought more killer mental moves to help him today. from timberlake, north carolina, please welcome abraham thornton. [cheers and applause] >> all right. >> uh, how you doing? >> excellent, man. excellent. >> goo >> it is good to be back, terry. >> wow, you are doing so well right now. but see, being that you know all your self-defense moves, what should a woman learn from you if she's walking alone or going home late? >> well, we actually have in krav maga, which is the discipline that i take something that we call the krav maga handshake. >> okay.


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